Fortyfour Miles

Our Story


Fortyfour Miles is a home-grown Jamaican business that was started by Courtney Morris in 2014. It began with one pair of earrings made from a shirt belonging to Courtney’s beloved late grandmother. It was unexpected, but it blossomed and Courtney’s dreams blossomed with it.

Courtney is mainly self taught, and draws inspiration from the natural environment and the raw materials she uses to create her pieces. She uses her instinct and the materials that catch her eye to create intuitive, whimsical and irregular pieces of jewellery, many of which cannot be reproduced, leaving many customers with one of a kind (or few-of-a-kind) pieces.



Our Philosophy


Fortyfour Miles jewellery is made for everyone, perfect or not. The raw, irregular quality of many of our pieces reflects our desire to express that flaws are often endearing and beautiful, and to dispel the idea of perfection as ideal.


A Note

Fortyfour Miles jewellery is for everyone who feels good in it. No matter who you are or where you come from, if you like it and it makes you feel good, it’s for you.

A lot of my pieces have a sort of raw, carefree look that comes partially from adapting to my circumstances and my tools, but mostly from the ideology that imperfections can be beautiful if you embrace them. I want my jewellery to reflect beauty in imperfection, irregularity and freedom.

As for the name of the business, I wanted something that tied in with myself and my origins, something that could be like a piece of myself that I’m extending to you. Fortyfour Miles is homage to Black River, the town I was raised in, with its 44-mile long river.

When I was thinking of the ‘lifestyle’ or ‘image’ I wanted my brand to portray, I realized that while glamour and glitz is something to be appreciated, I’d really prefer for my brand to encourage people to aspire to self acceptance rather than chasing after an idealistic image of perfection.

I’ll wrap it up here. Thanks for visiting. Come again soon.